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The Thing Which I Hate About India

Sahil Patel
2 min readJul 4, 2022


Photo by Ivan Dodig on Unsplash

In India, people treat Bollywood celebrities like God. People are crazy about them. I mean they are also human beings like everybody else is. They aren’t somebody great.

Acting is their profession and they act in movies to earn their living. It is as simple as that. Just like people earn by doing services or business, similarly, they earn by working in movies. So what’s the big deal. But no! People are mad after them.

I mean it’s alright to admire them and be their fan but following them like anything is too much. And then we blame the media for making useless news.

Whenever I see people talking about celebrities and Bollywood I thought that they are not your family. So why waste precious moments discussing anything they do?

Someone famous changing her hairstyle is not a piece of news And it’s not breaking news.

Indians idolize celebrities to the point where there are temples of them, this kind of obsession is seen nowhere else.

Indians want to know every personal detail of a person: This is in general for all people; celebrity or non-celebrity.

Many aspects of modern life cause people to become interested in celebrities. I think the primary reason is the prevalence of imagery of people.
People like to watch good looks and fit bodies.

People follow them not because people love them, people follow them just because Human wants to live in a fantasy world rather than a reality.

Who wants to waste their life with vicarious experiences? Doing your stuff is much more fun.

Frankly, some of these celebrities that people have become so attached to, rarely possess any quality that is worth utilizing in their own lives.

People want to escape from the reality, where they get a perfect character, perfect situations, and perfect music in most Bollywood movies.

We think that actors are superior beings from the outer planet and the rest Indians are just common by standards.

These celebrities haven’t done anything great for the nation’s development but I think people try to relate reel life with real-life which makes all these celebrities their role models.

Last but not least, I don’t waste my time watching their photos and liking them on Instagram, following them and their style.


They are just human beings like us, encourage them. However, don’t worship them.



Sahil Patel

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