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It’s time to build a community that support the poets

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Greetings readers,

Lifeline is a community of poets. Our readers are growing every day. We are a community of 130 poets who are wonderful and write great poetry.

Medium is a great and rewarding platform for writers. However, when it comes to poets it’s not that much rewarding. Medium pays…

Coffee Times $50 Challenge

In response to Coffee Challenge; Why I am a pro(or anti) shoutout movement”

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Greetings author,

This post is in response to the new Coffee Times Challenge.

The challenge is all about,

Write about your views regarding Coffee Times’ unique shoutout requirement and tell us a convincing story that makes you believe in it.

Medium is a platform for writers and readers. To become a writer, you need to be a great reader. I was not much into reading when I started my writing journey. As…

Lifeline Poetry Challenge | 2022

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Today is the second day of the prompt of the Lifeline Poetry Challenge. I hope you enjoyed the first prompt of the challenge. If you haven’t checked out the prompt yet, here you can check it out.

In this second prompt, we are going to reflect on some important things…

Sahil Patel

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